Elderberry (Sambucus nigra canadensis) By MaryAnn Fink LIFE Exhibit Curator Pollinator Junction Wild and wonderful, the Elderberry stands out in any setting. She is sometimes a roadside resident, occasionally at home on a hillside, and always lovely in landscaping. In selected situations, the Elderberry is a most striking addition as an unexpected anchor in a container situation! She can be a good size girl at a height of 8-10' or groomed into a more compact manageable size with a gentle hand.  Either way her bundle of branches creates a living bouquet of flowers and berries. Her flowers are sweetly scented and tempting to touch. Be gentle as anything more than light brush with flower or foliage releases a distinct antiseptic scent that may be more appropriate in a medical clinic setting! She decorates herself with fragrant flowers for several weeks beginning  in June in Missouri. An independent girl, she is able to produce some fruit on her own (i.e., self-fertile).