This elaborate, one-of-a-kind custom car was designed by Detroit clothing designer Andy Di Dia in 1953 and features several automotive innovations, including the first backseat-mounted radio speakers and hidden windshield wipers. It took four men seven years to build the vehicle out of hand-formed aluminum on a tubular frame, and its eventual price tag was $93,647.21. The car originally was powered by a Cadillac V-8 engine, which was replaced by a 427 high-performance Ford engine when Ford began taking the car on the show circuit; it now has a third (smaller) V-8 power plant. It has 30 coats of translucent pearl paint, with crushed diamond dust in it for sparkle. Following its completion in 1960, the car was shown by Mr. Di Dia on the custom show circuit, and was driven and later owned by singer Bobby Darin, known for such pop classics as “Splish Splash,” “Dream Lover,” and “If I Were A Carpenter.” The vehicle was donated by Darin in 1970 after film and publicity use.
Bobby Darin Dream Car