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St. Louis MO Milk Carriage Pulled by Two Zebras!

Come get a sneak preview of a new exhibit that features a milk carriage that had been pulled by zebras (full exhibit will be open next month)! To see the fascinating zebra video (we dare you not to smile) visit our Facebook

Library of Congress President Taft 1906 Pierce_Arrow

Inaugural Ball Limousine

How does a President travel to an inauguration? President William Howard Taft purchased a 48-horsepower six-cylinder Pierce-Arrow limousine he rode in to the inaugural ball. He used $12,000 appropriated by Congress specifically for the purchase of the first White House automobiles. He converted the White House stables to a garage shortly after his inauguration in 1909. Learn more about President Taft in Michael L. Bromley’s book “William Howard Taft and the First Motoring Presidency, 1909-1913.” Featured: President Taft’s chauffeur in a 1909 Pierce-Arrow outside of the White House garage. Image courtesy of the Library of


Bobby Darin Dream Car with Diamond Dust

The elaborate Bobby Darin “Dream Car” owned by the Museum of Transportation is a one-of-a-kind custom car. Designed by Detroit clothing designer Andy Di Dia in 1953, it was completed in 1960. This vehicle features several automotive innovations and has 30 coats of translucent pearl paint, with crushed diamond dust in it for sparkle. See Di Dia Dream Car for more

IMG_6854 mark pearson

“Big Boy,” World’s Largest Successful Steam Locomotive

Known as a "Big Boy" because of its immense size and power, Union Pacific Railroad #4006 is one of the world's largest successful steam locomotives. Built in 1941 by the American Locomotive Company at a cost of $265,000.00 and with a total weight of over 600 tons, Number 4006 is one of 25 Big Boys. It is 132' 9 1/4" long, carries 33 tons of coal and 25,000 gallons of water in its tender. It is a 4-8-8-4 (simple) articulated locomotive. Come visit Big Boy at the Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood,

Dr. Michael Trueblood and Grandson

Karmann Ghia Winner!

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Trueblood of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, who won the Karmann Ghia Raffle! "Back in the day," Dr. Trueblood loved driving a Karmann Ghia, so he was thrilled to be the proud owner of another. The Karmann Ghia evokes fond memories since he drove one during medical school, the initial years of marriage, and through the birth of their first child. He drove his Karmann Ghia until it no longer passed